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Mortgage loan for building a house – how does the bank respect the customer?

We are just standing with my husband before making a mortgage decision to build our dream house. And currently we are clients of 3 banks. So I went to each of them to ask what we can do to take out a mortgage for building a house. At this meeting, I learned that one of the banks has us deep somewhere! Why?

Mortgage for building a house is a real challenge. Because you need about 300-500 thousand zlotys. And it is worth remembering that when we take a loan from a bank, we give back the borrowed amount, multiply it by two, because there are still interest on the loan. When the light in the tunnel appeared, I went to three banks whose clients we are. And that our financial situation is a bit complicated and complicated, I wanted the bank employee to understand me well. And here’s what I found out.

I will not write about our financial situation, because, as one of the banks said, “this is an interesting and intriguing story.” I will only write that my husband works full-time and has additional income, and I run my own business. Briefly. I will replace that we do not have any financial obligations at the moment, we do not have any fees and we have no dependents.

Mortgage loan for building a house in Bank Poweys

Mortgage loan for building a house in Bank Poweys

I have explained our complicated situation to a nice gentleman at the local branch of Bank Poweys. He wrote down all the necessary data, namely: husband’s pay for the employment contract, my net remuneration for business activities for last year, information about not having children and loans, and the fact that we already have a condo in the block. I also informed him about the savings accounts and deposits that we have in this bank, because in my opinion they have the most interesting offer and allow them to earn the most. A representative of Bank Poweys said he needs a few days to find out what he will say and how. It only took him an hour, he called and informed me that without any problem with our income, we could receive a PLN 500,000 mortgage for building a house.

A mortgage for building a house in Bank Zandes for a VIP client – forget it because they will not give it!

A mortgage for building a house in Bank Zandes for a VIP client - forget it because they will not give it!

Bank Zandes surprised me once again. Why? Because on our account in this bank there is information that we are a VIP client. From time to time, Mrs. R., who is the guardian of VIP clients, is not able to answer the question of what made us belong to the highly-valued group of VIP clients of Bank Zandes.

I think that if I am a VIP client of this bank, and monthly payments to the account in it, they would surprise many people, it will be easy for us to be granted a mortgage to build our own home in the amount we expect.

Suddenly, “bob”, for the answer the bank employee felt like I was getting a fist in the face. Well, I, that “VIP client of Bank Zandes” will not get a loan in the amount I am asking for, because … I quote “what was and is not not, it is written in the register”.

So it really does not matter that every month on our account in Bank Zandes there are really cool influences – they are regular and every month for several years, and here my kobita goes with such a text …. Well, I woke up, I managed to get kindly “no ok, no no, thank you and goodbye”. And I left, although I do not intend to see this bank very quickly. An unpleasant situation, I am very embarrassed with it, and the bank let me down on the entire line.

Mortgage loan for building a house at Bank Lobers

Mortgage loan for building a house at Bank Lobers

Bank Lobers showed perhaps the greatest empathy for us. During a conversation with a worker from a local branch of Bank Lobers, where we had already taken out a mortgage for an apartment and paid it back after 5 years, I felt really like a VIP client. The lady did not have any objections to her husband’s additional income, instead of presenting me with answers like “you can not verify this income, because something there”, she sought solutions. And to be honest, thanks to that I felt even more sympathetic to this bank. I learned that also at Bank Lobers, we will get a mortgage without a problem, and our creditworthiness is huge, because we could take twice the amount we intend to try for.

I do not like taking loans. Until now, I had only two loans in my life. First, to buy a car. The second one was a mortgage for the purchase of a flat, which we experienced very much. But he also made us very creative and we found additional sources of income. At the beginning, the situation of having a mortgage was extremely stressful, especially since we took it one month after the wedding and it was hard to imagine at that time what we would have to spend on when we lived together. But life has shown that we managed to pay off this loan without any problem. Now we have another mortgage again. Certainly there are some fears, but whoever does not risk in life does not drink champagne.

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