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Loan with income over 250,000 – find the best deal!

If you are looking for more money, it is easier to put aside, but it can happen to larger expenses, such as you need a loan to buy a car or a real estate. Banks generally offer more favorable terms than net monthly income of HUF 250,000. The reason for this is that because of the high income you are less likely to slip into the monthly installment or become insolvent. We’ve gathered your options for a monthly loan of $ 250,000 in net earnings.

A convenient and fast way to compare bank offers is a personal loan calculator , which allows you to easily view the best bank offers and sort them according to the most important parameters for you. This may include, among other things, the APR, ie the full rate of interest, the monthly installment, or the total amount to be repaid. You can also specify during your search that your monthly net earnings are below 250,000 HUF.

Reach your goals with the best personal loan!

In the personal credit market, the best offer available on a monthly net income depends on the amount claimed and whether your payment is being referred to the borrowing bank. If you need 2 million forints, with a monthly net income of 250,000 forints, without a payment, the lowest available THM at the time the article is released is currently at Raiffeisen Bank , which is 12.28 percent. The total amount to be repaid is thus HUF 2,637,300 for a 60-month term. If you undertake to pay your payment to the loan-paying bank, CIB Bank currently offers better terms for a $ 2 million loan with a 60-month maturity. Then the THM is 11.73 percent.

At least monthly net income of 250,000 forints, if your income does not arrive at the selected bank, Raiffeisen currently offers the cheapest loan with 8.97 percent THM. In this case, the total amount to be repaid is HUF 2,461,500.

As you can see at a lower income, you are entitled to an additional discount if you transfer your payment to the selected bank. At this time, based on the personal loan calculator, the CIB Advance Personal Loan can be the solution, which also offers 8.17 percent APR for a 60-month term loan and a total repayable amount of HUF 2,426,160.

We can see that in the case of a loan of 2 million forints, there may be more than 200 thousand forints, depending on whether your monthly net income reaches 250 thousand forints.

Is your monthly repayment too high? Change with a cheaper loan!

Are you looking for a good job, but you can’t enjoy your pay because most of it goes to the monthly installment? Then it’s time to choose your existing expensive loan for a cheaper construction. High earnings in the case of credit-redeeming loans will open up the more favorable offers to you, so you will definitely have a good exchange. Let’s see how much you could save!

If you want to redeem your loan, Csndie offers the most favorable loan if you earn a monthly net of 250 thousand forints. If you apply for two million forints, the APR is 13.74 percent for the 60-month term, and the total repayable amount is HUF 2,719,760. If you want the same monthly income of over $ 250,000, Erste offers slightly better THM, 12.83 percent. The total amount to be repaid would be HUF 2,670,500.

CIB offers a better offer if you refer your payment to the current account opened with them. In the case of the CIB Progressive Personal Loan, the APR in this case is only 8.17 percent, so the total amount to be repaid is HUF 2,426,160. For a number of years, we could add HUF 2 million for five years, for example, along with 21.05 percent THM due to the different interest rate environment, so the total repayable amount of the loan would have been HUF 3,129,660 at the end of the term. Compared to this, you can save more than 600,000 forints by taking out cheaper loans.

Claim your car inexpensively

Even high net income can be an advantage for you when you are thinking about buying a car. With a monthly net income of 250 thousand forints, Raiffeisen’s personal loan can be used for the most favorable, 12.28 percent THM. The total amount to be repaid in this case is HUF 2,637,300. With more favorable terms, Raiffeisen offers a personal loan for over $ 250,000 in income: the APR is 8.97 percent and the total repayable amount is $ 2,461,500.

You can also use K&H’s freely usable personal loan to buy a car, which is best when you refer your income to it. For a 60-month maturity loan, they offer a 8.28 percent APR and a total repayable amount of $ 2,432,100.

You will need these to apply for a loan

Applying for personal loans nowadays is a simple and quick operation because there is no need for real estate collateral. You must meet the following criteria if you are using a high personal income loan:

  • You have the minimum expected earnings: this should not be a problem if you pay more than $ 250,000 in net.
  • At least 3 months of employment with your current employee (you cannot be on probation and you can not spend your time).
  • You have reached the age required for loan application: this may vary from bank to bank, typically between the ages of 18 and 23, by the financial institution.
  • You cannot be on the negative credit list of the Central Credit Information System: if you are on the active or passive list, you are almost unlikely at the banks.
  • You have a registered permanent home address in Hungary.

If you meet the criteria, you only need to collect the necessary documents and start the loan application:

  • a valid identity card, passport or driving license
  • tax card
  • address card
  • Employer certificate not older than 30 days
  • the latest bank statement for the last 3-6 months on which your payment is listed
  • the latest utility bill for your place of residence with a deposit certificate

The list of requested documents may differ from one credit institution to another, depending on whether you are already a customer of the bank you choose or your credit agreement as a new customer.

If you have the necessary documents, the application itself will not take much time. This can happen in person, or if you prefer to do things at home, even online, as you have more and more banks. After submitting the application, the selected bank will perform a quick credit check and if you have a positive result, you will bid for it. If you accept this and sign the contract, the requested loan can arrive in your bank account within one day.

If you plan to borrow in the near future, you can see that besides high income you can choose from the most favorable personal loan offers. Take advantage of interest rebates and turn your plans into a cheap loan! Despite the favorable offers, it is not worth rushing to make a decision, consider every offer! If you need the best, use our personal loan calculator and choose the bids that are most favorable to you, with a net income of 250,000 forints.

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